Sam Eggermont


- Text Aaron Willem 2022 (Ned)
- Text Aaron Willem 2022 (Eng)

- Abstracts, text by Charlotte Crevits 2020 (Arabic)
Abstracts (Nederlands)
Abstracts (Français)

- Text about the work and exhibition 'Center and Periphery' (Tique Art Space - 2016):
'A perfect world, a possible world' by Grete Simkuté, september 2016

- Text about the works and the context of Sam Eggermont by Lotte De Voeght, Juin 2014: Ned.

- Exhibition CIAP, 2013-09-13 / 2013-10-13 'He Shows Me The Law Of Nature And The Belief In The Antecedent'
Ned. zaaltekst
Text as a part of the exhibition, Eng.

- Exhibition Salon Blanc, 2013-04-21, text by Els Wuyts, April 2013
Ned. / Eng.

- Technical fiche for the installation on 'D'ART' (Mechelen) and 'Landschap als herinnering' (Villa De Olmen) 2015:

- In Hart magazine 162 by Indra Devriendt: Ned