_active as an artist
_working for Flanders Arts Institute (
_member of the December Collective
_founder of ATTIK (discursive platform)
_studio - Nederpolder 4, Ghent (B)

A selection of activities:


_15-17 Nov - in Blanco (
Solo, Ghent (B)
_Art-trip, Iran
_18-26 May - SALON BL, Walldrawing n°4
Groupshow, Begijnhof Ter Hoye, Ghent (B)
_26 March - opening Walldrawing n°3 in Cultuurloket (
Art in public space (with a contribution by Samer Alagha)
Solo, Brussels (B)
_January - Start up of ‘December Collective’ (6 members): activities in the fall of ‘19


_30 Nov, 1&2 Dec - ONTVREEMD in Kunst Schip (
Groupshow, Hasselt (B)
_7 Oct - Open Studio (280 visitors)
Ghent (B)
_29 Sept - 28 Oct - BUITEN in SANTO, an open-air parcours in collaboration with S.M.A.K museum
Walldrawing n°2
Groupshow, Ghent (B)
_22 Sept - STRAF in Oud Gerechtsgebouw
Groupshow, Ghent (B)
_14 Sept - 13 Oct - BIENNALE VAN IDEEËN (First Biennial of Ideas) with Walldrawing n°1 in CC De Steiger
curator Hans Martens
Groupshow, Menen (B)
_8 July - 26 Aug - RAW in Mechelen
curator Lieven Cateau
Groupshow, Mechelen (B)
_Invited for Residence H2/61.26, Casablanca (
Curator Mohamed Rachdi
Residence, Casablanca (Ma)
_1-10 May, art-Working in Palestina (and short collaboration with Majdi Hadid)
Research, Palestina


_16 Dec - 'Park_01' in Second Room
Groupshow, Ghent (B)
_15 Dec - 14 Jan 2018 - Selection & expo 'Grote Prijs Actuele Tekenkunst' (Belgian Drawing Price)
Groupshow, Ronse (B)
_24-29 Sept - Arttrip by Flanders Art Institute with Hicham Khalidi in Maroc
Marrakesh (Le 18, Queens Collective, Galerie, Comptoire des Mines, Voice Galerie, Dar Al Ma’mum, Atelier Eric Van Hove, l’Esav, Al Maaden)
Casablanca (thinkart Gal, H2/61.26, Espace Darja, Atelier La Surce du Lion, galerie Shart, Cultures Interfaces, Musee Abd Slaoui)
Arttrip, Rabat (Le Cube, L’Appartement 22, Musée Moh 6, Kulte Gal.)
_24 Mar - 9 Apr - Side project at the Katmandu Triënnale
An initiative by Correspondance International (Philippe Marquebreuck)
Groupshow, Nepal (Np)


_22 Dec - 'The Art How To Waste Space' in ATTIK
Performance (bloodpainting on a projection of the roof dome of the mosque Mezquita, Cordoba) & Groupshow, Ghent (B)
_10 Nov - Opening & expo ATTIK (
Opening of a new platform for visual art, an initiative by Ben Benaouisse and Sam Eggermont
Groupshow, Ghent (B)
_13 Oct - 18 Nov - 'Center and Periphery' in Tique Art Space (
Solo, Antwerp (B)
_7 and 8 May - SORRY, NOT SORRY is a street art festival on different locations
Curated by Ben Benaouisse
Groupshow, Ghent (B)
_April - contribution at ARP/Articulations
Publication, Ghent (B)


_13 Sept - 11 Oct - Villa De Olmen
Groupshow, Wieze (B)
_13 Sept - Second Room (
As curator (artist: Ode De Kort,
DOK Ghent (B)
_1 till 5 Jul - D.ART 2015 - Artenova
Groupshow, Mechelen (B)
_19 - 23 May - The origine of Zeus and the resistance during WOII
Research, Crete (GR)
_22 Apr - 8 May - Lokaal 01
Solo & residence, Antwerp (B)
_28 Feb - 10 Apr - stART, windowproject by Fotorama
Solo, Wevelgem (B)


_26th Sept - BYOB
' Bring Your Own Beamer! ' during the Dutch Film Festival in TivoliVredenburg
Groupshow, Utrecht (Nl)
_25 Jul - NOVGOROD Festival in Art Cinema OFFoff (
Groupshow, Ghent (B)
_21-25 Jul - Ilya Prigogine in colour in Public Space
Groupshow & printed edition, Ham, Ghent (B)
_6 Jul - 13b Expo in Creative Platform
Groupshow , Ghent (B)


_16-17 Nov - ‘SHAME (Hide & Show)'( cur. by Error One) in Pianofabriek
video-compilation n°3
Groupshow, Brussels (B)
_13 Sept - 13 Oct - 'He Shows Me The Law Of Nature And The Belief In The Antecedent' in CIAP (Het Kabinet)
Solo, Hasselt (B)
_21 Apr - 'Light Capture as a Beacon of New Life' in Salon Blanc
Solo, Ostend (B)
_3 Feb - PReTT -session
with Reg Carremans, Hallveig Agustsdottir, Sara Bomans, Remco Roes, Sam Eggermont
Groupshow, Hasselt (B)