# opening of ATTIK, a new platform for visual art, by Ben Benaouisse and Sam Eggermont, 10 November

# Tique Art Space (Antwerp): "Center and Periphery"
from 13 October till 18 november 2016

opening expo at 7 PM 13th Oct
performance by Ben Benaouisse
publication by Welmer Keesmaat (text Grete Simkuté)
text in Hart magazine by Indra Devriendt

# Sorry Not Sorry - Festival (Ghent): 7-8 May 2016
Sam Eggermont: the loft of Multatuli Cafe / Crombrugge Genootschap, Huidevettterskaai 40
SORRY, NOT SORRY is a street art festival in Ghent on different locations.

# ATC (in gallery Martin van Blerk) initiated by Charlotte Lybeer & Barry Camps: 21-21 April 2016

# Production: filming at Crete: 20-26 April 2016

# Contribution at number 3 of articulations / R.I.A.
April 2016


Center and Periphery, a solo exhibition by Sam Eggermont.

‘Where do we stand?’ is an important question for Eggermont, but the question ‘how did we end up here?’ is possibly even more important. In his contemporary, strongly socially-motivated artistic practice he doesn’t so much occupy the narrow space of the ‘here and now’ as he makes leaps and bounds (‘migrations’, if you like) to other times and places, bringing the far-away near and transforming the near to something intangible, an ever-shifting collection of fragmentary influences and histories.