OPEN STUDIO: Chrysantenstraat 39, Merelbeke
friday 24 nov from 19h till 22h
saturday 25 nov from 15h till 18h
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Through my artistic traject you can find some ideas about and the constellation of ... 'the pluralism in history'.
A prominent statement is that the state of a land or regio nowadays is a result of the battle for wealth, and is assisted and legitimated by dominant religions.

The first marketplaces (with products as silk, saffron, incense,..) were located on the axis Central-Asia, the Middle East to the Mediterranean. The exchange goods of the silk route evolved from products to coins, over slaves to fossil fuels. But the route created above all a pluralism in culture and religion.

Each country or city (from Merv over Bagdad and Jerusalem to Fez) of the Mena zone has on the one hand a specific history (always connected with the great history of conquest and trade) and on the other hand a unique position nowadays (trade, religion, politics and development).

Within this context it is a challenge to see, to detect the driving forces and the themes of artists in general (in West and East). And what are the programmes of the art organisations (in West and East)? All this ... related to their political, economic and religious situation.

Within this context, which social-political process do artists want to run, to get started and (!) with what kind of specific artistic language (the form)?
What is still the meaning of art, the challenges of and possibilities by art, here and there? How can we learn from each other?

Can the Other use Our history (visual language, traditions, symbolic, stories) in their artistic practise, and vice versa, for socialization, democratization and renewed values?
(long-term project)

May 2017

studio photos

L'Histoire d'Une Fleure