Sam Eggermont


13 b - creative platform
6th of July, 14h - 19h
Sophie Van Akenstraat 13b, Ghent
video /51°01'21.2''N - 3°44'40.6''E/ (duration: 43m 42s)
4 prints / 56°50'40''N - 60°36'35''E/ (Dagmar Feodorovna)

"I April 1892. . . . I note a very odd phenomenon in myself: never thought that two identical sentiments, two loves, could cohabit the soul simultaneously. Now it is over three years I have loved Alix H., and I constantly cherish the thought that God might let me marry her one day. . . . But ever since camp in 1890 I have loved little K. passionately. An amazing thing, our heart. At the same time do not cease to think of Alix, although it is true, one might conclude from this I am very amorous. To a certain extent, yes! I must add, though, that inside I am very harsh judge and extremely scrupulous - this is the mood that yesterday I called un-Lenten."

"June 17th 1915. My very own darling, . . . Wify ought to send you bright & cheery letters, but its difficult, as am feeling more than lowspirited & depressed these days - so many things worry me. Now the Duma is to come together in August, & our Friend begged you several times to do it as late as possible. . . . Here they will try to mix in & speak about things that do not concern them. Never forget that you are & must remain authocratic Emperor - we are not ready for a constitutional government. N(ikolasha)'s faults & Wittes it was that the Duma exists, & it has caused you more worry than joy. . . .Forgive my writing all this, but I feel so utterly miserable, & as tho' all were giving you wrong advises & profitting of your kindness. Hang the Headquarters. . . . You are remaining still long away, Gr. begged not - once all goes against his wishes my heart bleeds in anguish & fright; - Oh, to keep & protect fr. more worries & miserys, one has enough more than the heart can bear."

Dec. 17th 1916. . . . "Russian Tsar!. . . . Know, that if your relatives commit murder, then not one of your family, i.e., your relatives and children, will live more than two years. . . . The Russian people will kill them. . . .They will kill me. I am no longer among the living. Pray. Pray. Be strong. Worry about your elected family."

July 16th 1918. Meanwhile the guard Yakimov was posting the watch. Sharpshooter Deryabin to post 7. Sharpshooter Kleshchev to post 8 in the garden by the window to the entry. Yakimov posted the watch and went to bed. Alex finished writing in her diary. It was cool. She recorded the temperature in her diary. These became her last words: "15 degrees." She said her prayers before going to bed. The girls were already asleep. At eleven o'clock the light in their room went out.